Gary Porter
Driver Name: Gary Porter
Residence: Wadesboro, NC
Birthplace: Wadesboro, NC
Date of Birth: 7/31/61
Years Competing: 21
Marital Status: Married
Children: 1

Gary Porter is the epitome of a seasoned veteran. He has been racing in Monster Jam® since 1985 just three years after seeing his first Monster Jam show in Indianapolis. His first Monster Jam truck was Carolina Crusher and he built it for just $11,000. Today, the average cost of a Monster Jam truck is over $100,000.


Reflecting back on his first Monster Jam truck and others of that era Porter says, "There were no safety harnesses, no fire extinguishers, no special seat and no drive-shaft loops. I didn't even have a fire suit. We all drove in jeans and a t-shirt. Back then a motor was $2500, now it costs $25,000."


Porter has adapted to the changes without missing a beat. In 1991 he won the points championship with his creation, Carolina Crusher and went on to become one of the first Monster Jam truck drivers to be recognized by his name, not just the name of his Monster Jam truck. In 2001, he signed on with Dennis Anderson and Team Grave Digger®. The list of Monster Jam trucks he has raced includes his own Carolina Crusher, Pure Adrenaline, Spider-ManTM, Ragin Steel and Grave Digger.


Porter names Dale Earnhardt for inspiring him professionally because of his driving skill and how far he went in NASCAR. "I truly respect his driving ability. He would take a car out and do things that other people wouldn't think of doing. Plus, it must have taken a lot of determination to go from being a high school dropout to accomplishing the racing achievements that he did and to build a multi-million dollar empire."


Porter never imagined that being a Monster Jam truck driver could turn into a full-time career. His intention was to be a farmer. When he's not racing Monster Jam trucks, he can often be found running heavy equipment on his 117-acre farm in North Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Penny.